For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,

and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12    






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Pearables Character Building

Kingdom Stories

Volumes 1, 2 & 3



After just one story, we guarantee a difference!

PEARABLES character building Kingdom Stories are illustrated books for Christian home schooling children that show through a simple parable or allegory, Biblical views on issues that they all must face living in the world today.

Just as Jesus taught through parables, these stories illustrate truth and make that truth clear by comparison with something that is already familiar. Parables impart instruction in a gentle way and they create interest and hunger for further information regarding Truth!

If you wish to instill character qualities in your child, simply try reading a Pearable! You will see instant results as these stories lovingly convict them of sin issues that we all struggle with daily.

Pearables Kingdom Stories are all about heart issues, for when a heart is convicted, Godly character begins in the life of a child.




Titles in Volume One:

THE GOVERNOR'S PLOT  (Home school or Home Training)

The Governor's Plot is a story about a wicked governor who desired that all the people in the land would follow his ways rather than the One True King's. he develops schools where the children can learn to read and write... but, they learn to read HIS principles and then forsake the true King's. A MUST for those who are home schooling or are interested in home educations.

THE HOUSE THE WORLD BUILT (Public Education) This is a rhyme set in a modern era that shows that mothers are now leaving their children in search of treasures the world gives because this is what public education has trained them to do!

THE ALCHEMIST (Women & Children at Home) The Alchemist is about a strange that came to the Kingdom and brought a little silver bottle whose contents changed the women in the land. What is an Alchemist? You'll find out at the end of the book! (Does not contain any magic or things offensive to believers.)

THE VIEWING BOX (Television and Entertainment) The Viewing Box tells about a foreigner coming into the Kingdom to sell little boxes of views. The people all are mesmerized by their viewing boxes until the King rescues them from their folly!

YOU CAN'T SHOOT THE BEARS! (Animal Rights?) This is a story that portrays what can happen if you give animals rights that God never ordained!

THE NEW COMMAND (Loving Others) The New Command is based on the story of the King commanding people to LOVE one another. You will be surprised at what they do to obey Him in this!

THE CONQUERED VILLAGE (Denying the World) Some people in the land want to bring foreigners into the Kingdom by becoming like the foreigners. The King has some interesting things to say about this.

Titles in Volume 2:


    THE KING'S REQUEST (Perseverance) When the King asks for an elderly gentleman to complete an impossible task, the man completes it with wisdom that only comes from the King and with age!

THE GOAL (Work) This story will show how work is a great thing, not a negative thing!

THE LOVE OF THE KING (Obedience) This is a story about a boy who questions why he must obey the laws of the King. He finds out soon enough that the reason the King laid down rules to follow was for his own good and protection!

THE BICYCLE (Materialism vs. Responsibility) Two brothers each get a new bicycle, but attitudes arise that show how idolatry concerning material objects can emerge without anyone even becoming aware of it. A great story that deals fairly with the issue of materialism.

THE GOVERNOR'S REVENGE (Socialization) When the governor's plan failed in regards to having all the people attend his schools he sets forth another one... He claims that all the children in the land must "socialize" in order to be "normal"!

THE JOURNEY (Following God, Not Men) Learning to follow the ways of the majority is not necessarily the way of God.

THE MAN OF THE KING (Relationship with God) This is a story about a man who pays someone else to teach his children about the King rather than doing so himself!

THE MESSENGER (Regarding Outward Appearances) A stranger comes who is an ambassador in disguise!

Titles in Volume 3:

    I'LL ALWAYS HAVE TOMORROW (Procrastination) This story will encourage all ages, both old and young, to enjoy each moment that the Lord gives us and to take time for the simple things in life before they are gone tomorrow.

THE KITE (Blaming Others for our Own Mistakes) This poem encourages children to confess their own sins and admit it when they make mistakes rather than pointing at others and claiming that THEY made them do it...

MAN (Being Fishers of Men) A father hopes to train his child so he will be able to serve the King. When the King encourages the father to teach the boy how to fish, this lesson not only helps the boy but can help ANYONE who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!

THE BABY COW (Contentment)
Two twin boys each have very unique personalities... Let this story encourage your children to follow the one who is content in whatever situation he finds himself.

THE TREASURE (True Riches) The King tells the people of the land to spend their lives searching for treasure they can bring into the Kingdom...

What happens when you let one little weed go without pulling it up by the roots?

THE GENTLE WARRIOR (Speaking the Truth in Love) How a warrior for the King learns how to conquer people and bring them into the Kingdom!

Pearables Kingdom Stories are for ALL ages!


Each volume is $17.50.