For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,

and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12    






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It is our pleasure to print one of our stories from Volume 1, for you to try out with your children.


The New Command

(Loving One Another)

Once upon a time, there was a land that followed the ONE TRUE KING. This King had established laws in the land that were to help the people live happy and contented lives. They loved the King with all their hearts and happily obeyed His every command.

One day, the King's messengers rode throughout the land with a proclamation that the King had made a NEW command! The messengers read, "The King hereby commands that every- one in the Kingdom will LOVE one another." The King would be going away for awhile and that they were to obey the laws, especially the NEW COMMAND, until He returned.

The people watched the messengers as they rode away. They had always been careful to be kind to one another and to live at peace with their neighbors. But their King didn't think that they were loving one another enough... Well, they would really try to love one another and try to make the King very pleased with them.

Time passed and the people developed a very unique way of loving one another. They were very careful to make sure that no one ever said anything contrary to what another person said. If everyone always agreed with each other, this would show they were loving one another, wouldn't it?

Soooo... if someone said that a cat was purple, and everyone knows that cats are green, they would nod their heads in agreement, and let that person, for the sake of love, think that a cat was purple! Or, if someone said that cows crowed, they would nod their heads with smiles on their faces and agree!

This seemed to help the feelings of love grow between all the people. It didn't really matter what a person thought or believed about something because the main thing was that you loved everyone. There were never any feelings of bitterness or anger towards others because the simple solution was that you just agreed with them.

You would never tell them that they were wrong and that cats weren't purple, they were green! Or that cows didn't crow, they mooooed! And now, everyone in the Kingdom loved one another, just as the King requested!

In the Kingdom there were some people that had forgotten the King's Book of Commands. This was about the same time that a stranger had brought a little black box into the land and caused so much trouble. The fact that these people weren't obeying the King's Commands was terrifying!!! The King had stated long ago that lawless ones, those who continuously chose to disobey Him, could face the punishment of banishment! This was a horrifying thought, INDEED!

One day, a group of women had gathered together to sew a quilt. The women were having a wonderful time and sharing different things that were happening in each of their lives. There was a lull in the conversation and then a small, wiry woman named Susan chirped in, "You know, I don't believe the King is coming back!"

The other women looked at Susan in horror! It became so quiet that you could have heard a fly sneeze. One woman decided that this was where love came in. She looked at Susan with a sympathetic smile on her face and said, "Well, Susan, maybe He isn't coming back. If that is what you want to believe."

Susan looked at the women and stated even more firmly, "That IS what I think! I wonder if there EVER was a King at all. I mean, maybe this Book of Commands is just some fantastic story made up by a bunch of gullible lunatics."

All the women decided to follow the first woman's example of love and went along with Susan. After all, they were supposed to love one another and if they said something contrary to hurt Susan's feelings, she wouldn't feel loved!

At the next quilting gathering, Susan had more shocking things to say, "I went to the butcher's yesterday and he was charging FOUR PIECES OF SILVER for a pound of meat! Can you imagine that? Then, after I paid for it, I realized that the butcher had given me too much silver back in change. So, I decided that I should just KEEP it! After all, he shouldn't be charging so much for his wretched meat!"

The women were scandalized!! Their mouths all dropped open and they were speechless! But again, love won out, and they made sure they didn't hurt their dear friend's feelings. They all put kind smiles on their faces and assured her that she was probably quite right. The butcher was charging too much for meat!

Susan seemed to ACTUALLY believe that there was NO King!... That the King's Book of Commands was all FICTION!... And, that since the King's Book of Commands was not true, you didn't have to follow it! She did whatever she wished, which included lying, stealing and many other unpleasant things that broke the laws of the land.

One sunny afternoon, all the women, including Susan, were in the village doing their weekly shopping. All of a sudden, there was a loud, long blare of a trumpet and the sound of horses hooves galloping towards the village!

All the townspeople rushed to the streets to see what the commotion was. In the near distance there was a large cavalcade speeding towards the town. As the procession neared the village, the villagers could see that there, seated on the most magnificent, white horse anyone had ever seen, ... WAS THE KING!!!!

Susan's face turned white and her eyes bulged in astonishment. How could this be? There couldn't really be a King, could there? Now, she knew she was in very great trouble. She had purposely denied the King and had broken many laws of the land. Her whole being trembled in fear. She would have liked to disappear, if she could, rather than have to face the King.

The King and His entourage reared their horses to a stop and the King scanned the crowd of villagers, looking for someone. His eyes landed on Susan.

"Come here, Susan," the King said in a very solemn voice.

With her knees knocking together, Susan went to stand before the King.

"You have broken the laws and denied me. You do know that the punishment you face is... BANISHMENT, do you not?" the King queried.

Susan sorrowfully nodded her head.

The King lifted His head to gaze around the villagers. Then, He spoke in a loud, clear voice, "Good Subjects, did I not leave you with a new command to follow?"

They all nodded their heads enthusiastically.

"Why have you not obeyed it?" the King asked sharply?

The villager's faces immediately fell in astonishment.

"BBBBut, Your Majesty... ," one soul stammered, "we HAVE been obeying Your command."

The King shook His head with disgust. "You have NOT been loving one another. If you HAD been loving each other you would not have permitted Susan to get to the point where she is now. If you KNEW she faced BANISHMENT and you LOVED her, you would have told her she was in great danger. You WOULD have encouraged her to follow the Book of Commands and helped her not to DENY her King. By agreeing with her error, you have helped her to be BANISHED! How could you EVER call that LOVE!!!!!"

There was a great silence and tears were streaming down each villager's face. The King saw their great sorrow and said quietly, "LOVE one another." With that, He turned towards His castle and left with all the villagers gazing after Him.

The villagers obeyed the King and LOVED each other more than ever before. In fact, the King's land became known for the love that they held for one another!

Susan, who knew she had been shown great forgiveness by the King, loved Him with a great love, and became known amongst the women as one who knew the King's Book of Commands better than anyone else. And best of all... not only did she know it ... she OBEYED IT~!