Lessons in Responsibility for Boys LEVEL ONE contains the following chapter titles:


One - Responsibility

Two - Responsibility Through Love

Three - Responsibility and Your Stuff

Four - Responsibility and Your Bed

Five - Responsibility and Your Morning Routine

Six - Responsibility and Your Siblings

Seven - Responsibility & Your Sister

Eight - Responsibility & Your Parents

Nine - Responsibility & Your Friends

Ten - Responsibility & Your Mind

Eleven - What You Put Into Your Mind

Twelve - Responsibility & the TV

Thirteen - Responsibility & Video Games

Fourteen - Responsibility & Money

Fifteen - Responsibility & Handling Money

Sixteen - Loving God With ALL Your Strength

Seventeen - Responsibility & Your Physical Body

Eighteen- Taking Care of Your Temple

Nineteen - Keeping Your Body Clean

Twenty - Keeping Your Body Groomed

Twenty One - What You Put Into Your Body

Twenty Two - Exercising Godís Temple

Twenty Three - Helping Others With Your Strength

Twenty Four - Responsibility & Your Chores

Twenty Five - Responsibility & Home Maintenance

Twenty Six - Responsibility & Getting Enough Rest

Twenty Seven - Loving God with ALL our SOUL

Twenty Eight - Responsibility & Your Relationship With God

Twenty Nine - Responsibility & Having a Thankful Spirit

Thirty - Review of the Responsibilities You Have Learned



Lessons in Responsibility for Boys LEVEL TWO contains the following chapter titles:


One - Responsibility

Two - Your Relationship with God First

Three - Reading the Bible Consistently

Four - Fellowshipping with Other Believers

Five - Letting Your Light Shine

Six - A Gentleman for Christ

Seven - Being Considerate of Others

Eight - Answering the Phone

Nine - Introducing Others

Ten - How to Interact With Others

Eleven - How to Really Listen

Twelve - Centering on Others, Not Self

Thirteen - Who do Your Clothes Show Who You Are?

Fourteen - What to Wear & When

Fifteen - Being Modest as Men

Sixteen - A Nicely Groomed Gentleman

Seventeen - Being a Good Steward

Eighteen- A "Gimme" Heart

Nineteen - A Giving Heart

Twenty - Being a Hard Worker

Twenty One - Handling Your Money

Twenty Two - Responsibility at Home

Twenty Three - How to Rake Leaves

Twenty Four - How to Water the Lawn

Twenty Five - How to Weed

Twenty Six - Learning to "Fix" Things

Twenty Seven - Fixing a Skateboard

Twenty Eight - Fixing a Bicycle

Twenty Nine - Responsibility & Being Your Dadís Shadow

Thirty - Review & Putting it Into Practice